Do You Find Pain Relief in CBD &/or Caffeine?

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The New York Times: “Consuming caffeine regularly may increase the ability to withstand pain, a small study suggests.”…Dr. Times, Since coffee was my “drug” of choice before fibro, I’ll take that as permission to add a third morning cuppa and maybe upgrade my coffee maker to combat my unpredictable fibro meds hangovers. New Orleans is a coffee all day long kind of city (after all, the South is known for offering hot beverages or iced tea to house guests), though I cut my caffeine off by noon at the latest. Even my daughters love coffee, though I pour it more like “coffee milk” than coffee with a splash of milk in their mugs. The more people I tell about this, the more people say their parents did the same, as did my mom when I was a kid. Husband and Cat are the only non-coffee drinkers in our house!

•I’m currently counting the minutes ‘til my nightly meds kick in. I read this article, quoted below, as I applied Frida Botanicals’s CBD muscle balm to my neck and shoulders tonight. I took my meds too late for reasons beyond my control. Oweeeeeee.

“Due to its astonishing medicinal properties to alleviate symptoms of chronic and incurable disorders, CBD has been a major focus for researchers. One such study has revealed that CBD can be extremely beneficial for people suffering with Fibromyalgia pain, one of the most common pain disorders which affects at least 10 million Americans.”

I’d love to hear from YOU: do caffeine and/or CBD help your pain? The verdict is still out for me.

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