Three Fibro Things I’m Grateful For This Holiday Season

  1. How quickly our big kitchen trash can fills up. Huh?! Let me explain: A full trash can means there’s busy, energetic LIFE in our house of two adults, two daughters, and one cat! It also means I have the energy to cook for us and to sign up for meal trains: helping others helps me equally. Last spring my hands and right wrist hurt too much to use a knife. My first series of ketamine infusions helped me get back in the kitchen. If I’m in a neck/shoulder flare like I am this morning, cooking relaxes me while I wait for meds and CBD cream to work. Husband usually takes out the trash so I don’t worry that I’ll fibro flare or further an ongoing one by hoisting a heavy bag into our outdoor can. Click here for my pumpkin spice pie recipe, seen cooling above with a side of whipped cream (whole wheat crust is store-bought). Something is frustratingly wonky with WordPress today–here is the recipe:
  2. I’m grateful that, at present, I don’t have gluten or dairy-related fibro flares. I know and accept that I might need to more significantly cut down on or eliminate them in the future to reduce inflammation, but not today.
  3. I’ve recently connected with other #fibrowarriors via all the ways. We support each other with empathetic and supportive words, fibro links or tips, and understanding. 

What are you grateful for, or frustrated by, this holiday season?


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