Funny, Foggy Typos

6F62C7F0-A267-4DAC-A70A-B623D6C98CACHere are some of my funniest typos from times when I was either adjusting to new meds, very medicated, fibro foggy, or all three. Oft sore hands and auto-correct many a typo do make!:

-Talk now for Bieber long possible?
(however long)
-Pain under cotton for now.
-Let me concert oz to ml
(convert, re various CBD tincture strengths)
And my favorite:
-Excuse typos, highly uneducated. (medicated)
You’ve laughed at my expense; now it’s your turn to make me laugh!!
-MGA: My best typo of the day was trying to say “me too” and it autocorrecting to “me toothbrush.”

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