Majorly fibro-hungover en route home from D.C. but my morning 400mg dose of Neurontin, which I really fought adding to my meds regimen but has been a big help, and a huge slathering of CBD cream while I wait to board has begun to provide relief.

I’ve already interviewed one hero, Dr. Liptan, this week. Yesterday I met another, Dr. Barbara Levy, esteemed OBGYN and policy maker and shaker at American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – ACOG. She’s been my long distance doctor, diagnosis predictor, shoulder, and cheerleader for a decade.

The injury to my bladder during my necessary hysterectomy in 2017 lead to complications and then fibro this year. Yesterday we did work that will help guide your doctors or your daughters’ doctors in best recovery practices after GYN surgery. I’m working to turn very very sour lemons into lemonade—care for a cup?

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