Down the Rabbit Hole


What do I get for posting a ‘the sun is out’ pic on my Social Media this morning? My medical team and I have decided that I will switch to a different fibro-helping med on Monday. I will try to stay kewl on social media or off altogether, but should not be held too accountable for what my creative brain, new med wax on/old med wax off does or says!


Tonight this picture is more how I feel considering how zany even the thought of new meds makes me feel (this pic was taken as warm up for the true smiling pic, a trick I learned from our stellar wedding photogs once upon a time). Oy vey iz mir. Fibro life is total mishigas. Will my face freeze this way like my mama used to say when I made such faces with her?

A New Med! Eat Me! Drink Me! If I were Alice in Wonderland, I’d hope to wake up from my Cheshire dream now. Instead, down the Rabbit Hole of medication transition I go… “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” “Curiouser and curiouser!” ~Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll {I love you DMR-Madela}




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